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We build the audience ourselves

participatory exhibition project of the kumpaninnen
1.6. - 24.6. 2010, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz

The artists group “die kumpaninnen” transformed the exhibition space of the Salzamt Linz into a workshop and open studio in order to live and work there. The aim of the project was to build an audience made of wood, metal, cloth, paper, scrap… Everyone was invited to join the project and to participate in discussions and / or invent and construct characters.

A total of 90 persons took part and created an illustrious audience of imaginative personalities - including Gandalf the magician, Louise Bourgeois, Odilion Redon's pet, the combat robot RM10 and many more.

The figures were all celebrated in an opening in late June, which was held exclusively for the built audience. The Finissage was open to all, human and built audience and displayed the project and its fruits.

The concept for "We build an audience ourselves" was developed in one of our so-called summer camp - a kind of retreat, in which “die kumpaninnen” stay for several days together, discuss artistic work, and develop ideas. With the background of this camp the desire for a participation opportunity for others arose. Our interest was to establish a framework in which meetings, discussion and participation were possible.

It was important for us to reach people, who had different accesses and experiences with contemporary arts – especially those, who had hardly contact with contemporary arts. Our concern was to start a process where the actual result was still open – and it was nice to experience how the frame settlements offered by us had been filled in different ways.

In the upcoming issue of the “Institute” – the magazine of “die kumpaninnen” - we reflect on the project. It will be released in October this year. Furthermore we plan to publish a photo album of the constructed figures and personalities. A video of the exclusively private show opening will also be presented.

Thanks to the Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz and especially to the many people who took part in the project and supported us!

die kumpaninnen

photos: die kumpaninnen and Teresa Fellinger

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